2012.05.08 Our Official Opening At Startup Lisboa!

On May 8th Exciting Space was officially welcomed to Startup Lisboa and received the Golden Keys of the building from the Minister of Entrepreneurship. So we thought we'd better decorate for the occasion and make our office more of an “Exciting Space!”

01 Jason at the Print Shop

02 Before: White Walls and Lots of Paper

03 Nuno Prepares

04 Hanging out the Washing

05 Finished in the Midnight Hour

06 Our Neighbours Come to Celebrate (and eat our Cake!)

07 Our Good Neighbours from “Consult-a-Click”, “Mobitto”, and “Table and Friends”

08 Same People, More Cake...

09 Spectators at the Golden Key Ceremony Downstairs

10 Nuno and Jason head to the Stage

11 Receiving the Golden Key

12 Our New Space (from the door)

13 Our New Space (from the window)

14 Some of our projects hanging on the line

15 Another Angle

16 Some more projects (no, we don't make boots)

17 The Adamastor Surveys the Office from the Wall

18 A Table for Two

19 And Bicycle Storage

20 Nuno's “Vandguardist” Slippers

21 View from the Outside

22 Looking out the Window to the Right (towards Praça da Figueira)

23 Looking out the Window to the Left (towards Praça do Comércio and the River Tagus)

24 The Number 28

“ Make your space an exciting space! ”